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That was awesomely fun

BOO-Freaking-YAW. Going to browse the newsstand at DFW airport, saw a girl reading THE INDIGO KING. I asked her if I could take a look at the book, then pulled a purple pen out of my briefcase, sat on the floor as her family watched, drew a Dragon, personalized it for her, smiled, said "you're going to LOVE the next one." , winked at her, and walked away.

Edited to add:

They're about a hundred yards away at another gate. I think they've shown the book to everyone on their flight. The girl's mom keeps stepping out to the walkway and pointing me out to people. I'm sitting here grinning and posting stuff. Just too much awesome fun to be had.

Edited to add:

Her dad was apparently looking me up online, and figured out I was the real deal. They're boarding now, but he just came over to say thanks and shake my hand, and his wife brought me a Diet Coke, because she just read something about my Book Babes(!). Their daughter was too shy to come over, so I waved, and she waved back. There are moments - this being one - that I absolutely love my life.