coppervale (coppervale) wrote,

UNDER IN THE MERE - Original Art Sale Heads-up!

I'm going to be offering several of the original art pieces from Catherynne Valente's novella UNDER IN THE MERE for sale in the next day or two.

The cover was Cat and Dimitri's wedding present. DEATH, THE LOVERS, and THE FOOL were given to the publisher to use as raffle prizes, and  WHEEL OF FORTUNE was given as a gift. So the ones which will be available are the last three on this gallery page and the second, fourth, fifth, and sixth pieces on this gallery page plus the GALAHAD illo (in the bar with the Grail) which I can't seem to locate at the moment.

I'll be taking offers in the $100-$150 range. Interested parties can comment here or email me at coppervale at frontiernet dot net.

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