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On Writing: Some Benefits of Doing A Series

Apparently, Book One is now out in Romania.

Discovering the above, coupled with an interesting discussion hereabouts regarding sequels vs. series got me thinking about certain benefits of writing a series.

Just to make it clear, the Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica was always a series - it was conceived as such, and proposed as such. So I'm not just writing sequels - there was a larger gameplan from the get-go. And by that I mean not just in terms of story, but also in terms of marketing & sales, and general perception.

One benefit of series (from a reader's perspective) is that the books are constantly reevaluated as a whole. There are readers who didn't like Book One, but loved Book Three - and then in retrospect decided that Book One had more value than they'd previously assessed because it led to Book Three.

From a publishing perspective, the benefit is that the booksellers know what to expect (in a general sense). A series means the new books coming up are already a known quantity. Half of the sales pitch to readers for the new book is already done - it's another book in the series, by the same author and artist, using the same characters.

From an author's point of view, it's beneficial for future planning to say "I'm working on two more in the series". It makes decisions a lot easier.

I suppose in large part my choices to write books in series (first with MYTHWORLD and now with the Imaginarium Geographica books) springs from my comics background, where the whole marketing/sales angle is based on "habitual entertainment" - the regular fix of story readers get every wednesday. Which may also be why I asked my publisher to make October my release month for the books.

All in all, it's not a bad thing to have known - that every October, readers can expect a new book from me. All I need to do is keep creating the stories.

Of course, if you're going to make a career out of telling fantastic tales about dragons and magical ships and errant knights, it doesn't hurt to be doing all that in a place that, in the right light, looks a bit like a castle...


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