coppervale (coppervale) wrote,

DRAGONS t-shirts for sale, as modeled by Claudia Schiffer*

These lovely t-shirts were produced by my webmaster Daanon the Belgian Wonder as a Comicon exclusive - but now that Comicon is done and done, we can offer them for sale here at Coppervale.

They were produced in three colors: Light Blue (all gone, I'm afraid - inquire just in case); Darker Blue (full of awesome); and White; and all feature the line art from the front cover of HERE, THERE BE DRAGONS on the front and the logo on the back, as can be seen below on our bevy of handsome models.

You can order them in either color and in the various sizes available ober at the Coppervale Marketplace here.

*Okay, so maybe Claudia Schiffer hasn't modeled them just yet - but I swear, everytime I look at Daanon, I TOTALLY see Claudia Schiffer. Plus, his kids are adorable.

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