coppervale (coppervale) wrote,

On Process III: Finding Apprentices Who Are Already Masters

It's a maxim of (smart) business that you should always hire people who are smarter than you are. Similarly, at the Coppervale Studio we only take on Apprentices who are already, in some way, Masters in their own right. Our setup is sort of an informal mashup of the way Japanese comic art studios work, and the old-fashioned bullpens from American comics and animation studios.

Each Apprentice has to bring something to the table - and they are then trained to do everything else. This is in part to find where their natural affinities may be by exposing them to numerous disciplines, and to find where they can be most useful in the Studio. Lon Saline had an art degree and considerable airbrush skill, but has also demonstrated excellent layout abilities and is now the best digital colorist we have. Mary, as was seen last post, is a formidable painter - but she is also talented at layout and storyboards. Our other principal Apprentice is Jason Warren, who basically IS our 3-D design department.

With little more than my illustrations and minimal art direction, Jason can turn out sculptures like the one pictured below (which Lon used for color reference on the Realms of Fantasy cover of the same character in the same pose). He's also showing a great talent for book design.

Unlike the others, we may not be moving Jason around much, projectwise. I'm thinking it's going to be far smarter to just put him in a really nice room with a good radio and a ton of sculpey.

Back view and closeup here.

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