coppervale (coppervale) wrote,

On Process: Sometimes Working Things Out Works Things Out

One of my Senior Apprentices, Lon, is my go-to guy for colors. He started out as a traditional painter, but has expanded his horizons to include digital color (and he is in fact responsible for most of the color IMAGINARIUM GEOGRAPHICA plates, as well as the Realms Of Fantasy cover).

But for working out color schemes, he often preferred to just paint pieces the old-fashioned way. On some things like my French MYTHWORLD cover, I did a sketch, then he painted a new version, then I'd refine the drawing based on the painting, then the final work would be done by me (in whatever medium I chose at the time).

On the cover below, I did the sketch, and Lon did a cover study in paint - and I was so impressed (especially with the dragon) that I didn't touch it. The composition was solid in the sketch - and all that I could do after would be to add linework (maybe) or reinterpret the colors in a different medium (say, color pencils, as I did the previous cover). But when my French publisher asked if I could have a cover ready IMMEDIATELY so we could debut the new MYTHWORLD book at a show in Belgium... I realized that we had the cover we needed all along. I adjusted it a bit in Pshop, and added some texture... but overall, I'd say Lon did us proud.

My cover pencils are below, and Lon's painting is under that.

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