coppervale (coppervale) wrote,

The Queen of the Book Babes

One of the people who was instrumental in rounding up a lot of early support for HERE, THERE BE DRAGONS was a bookstore's children's book specialist named Faith. She was an advocate, a fan, a passionate promoter, and the only person I knew who would show up at a bookstore, after closing, in her pajamas, because I was on my way home from LA and had a mockup of a Pirate book to show her.

At some point, there was some event going on, and Faith was, as usual, being totally on top of things and efficient and attentive. And someone asked, "Do you work with James?"

I nodded, and said she did - then hesitated as to what to call her. A friend, certainly; but this was an event which was profession-oriented. My handler? Nope. That's a convention thing. My, mmm, promoter? Not quite the right description. She was alternately handselling books, taking care of me, talking to people, and running the event. And thus, a new term had to be invented.

"She's my Book Babe," I replied.

Faith zealously adopted the title (even signing emails with it, having also added "#1"), and has lived up to it ever since. There have been others appointed as official Book Babes: Bethany, Faith's accomplice, is Book Babe #2; Shannon (who took the photo below), and Michelle Aron. Patty Cryan certainly qualifies, as does Laura Jane at Vroman's, and Andrea at Mrs. Nelsons and, well... a LOT of great booksellers. But Faith is the uncontested Queen of the Book Babes, as my pals Jon Lewis, Derek Benz, Dean Lorey, Frank Beddor, and P.J. Haarsma, authors all, can testify. And we could not do the work we do, or have the careers we have, without people like Faith.

We love you, Book Babe.


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