coppervale (coppervale) wrote,

Writers/Artists: On Being Creative For Your Job

The "starving artist" is a cliche we all know; a variation on the "artistic struggle".  Everyone works at things in their own ways, their own pace - but I don't know anyone who enjoys starving or struggling. Not having money is one thing - but if the angst you're feeling is coming from doing the work itself, then you've definitely got a problem.

If you are writing and/or drawing because you love to do it, great. If you want to try to make a living from it, great. It may or may not work out - but I've been getting a lot of mail from prospective creators, as well as seeing posts online by prospective and/or working creators, about the difficulties inherent in their work. And most of them are unhappy with whatever difficulty it is they're having just DOING the work, much less selling it.

Writing and/or drawing for a living is a LOT of work. It IS a job. But it's also a chosen one. And there are a lot of other jobs out there with much lower misery thresholds.

This may be coming off a bit cloudy, so I'll clarify by quoting Jonathan Carroll's book OUTSIDE THE DOG MUSEUM: "Bulls*** on all that artistic suffering, agonizing over the blank page or empty canvas... Anyone who agonizes for a living isn't a genius. Anyone who agonizes for a living is an idiot."
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