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I’ve been saying for a few days now that I felt like doing something Epic. And this is what I chose to do.

Drawing out the Dragons is, I believe, my best, most vital, most necessary work. The responses I’ve gotten since releasing the ebook in April have, at least in part, shown me that my readers feel the same way. But still, as passionate as the comments, letters, and reviews have been, it’s difficult for someone to really explain what the book is, and what effect reading it can have on someone’s life.

A line from one of my favorite films keeps coming to mind: “No one can tell you what the Matrix is. You have to experience it for yourself.”

The Kickstarter project to do audio and print editions has been dealing with a similar conundrum – it’s hard to present just what the book is in simple terms; it’s more of a motivational experience than a literary one.

People who share their own thoughts about the book have been immensely helpful, as have my online friends and associates who are both prompting people to read the book and to support the Kickstarter project. I myself am still the most effective advocate – but I have other work that has to be attended to as well – and besides, it’s a bit monotonous to read post after post by one person talking about a book, even if that person is the author.

The only thing simpler, which may be even more effective, is to allow the book to speak for itself. So I shall.

Starting right now, in mid-afternoon of Sunday, July 3rd, and going until midnight tomorrow, July 4th, the ebook – in all three formats – of Drawing out the Dragons is free. And in that span of time, I want to give away one thousand copies, and see if we can’t accelerate the public dialogue about it to a nice respectable level.

I need the help of ALL of you who have supported me and my work – and especially, those of you who have been touched by this book. I want you to send a personal note – not just post a link on the winds of the net – but actually CHOOSE ten people of your own acquaintance to write to suggesting they download this book. Friends, family, colleagues… Anyone whom you feel may benefit from reading it, or especially, who may NEED to read it, right now. Tell them what it is. Tell them why they should read it. And then tell them how to download it.

There is no reciprocation expected or required, and there is no limitation on the number of downloads during the timeframe of this offer. If you know more than ten people you feel would like it – write to more. Twenty. Fifty. A Hundred. Right now, until midnight tomorrow, the book is free to download and read.

What everyone who does read it chooses to do then is entirely up to them. As all good choices should be.

EDITED TO NOTE: The holiday promotion ended (after a six-hour extra extension!) at 6am on July 5th. I hope everyone who took us up on it is enjoying their book!



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