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A Declaration of ebook Independence

Ebooks are rapidly becoming as ubiquitous a format as print for book reading; a trend I am embracing with my ebook releases of Drawing out the Dragons, The Unusual Motion of Strange Beasts, and MythWorld Book One: The Festival of Bones.

Still, it’s not a perfect medium yet: everyone seems to use different formats. Amazon uses mobi, and Barnes & Noble uses epub. For myself, I still prefer to create books as pdf’s, which allow me total control over the design, and which can be read on any device – but which doesn’t allow fore reflowable, resizable text. There are apps available to read ebooks across other platforms, but still, it involves a bit of a sorting and winnowing process to choose which format can and ought to be read on which device, and it’s making me crazy.

So, I’ve sorted it out, and, at least here at Coppervale, have a solution.

From this point forward, anyone purchasing ANY of the ebooks we have available will receive not just a single format, but a zip file which contains ALL AVAILABLE VERSIONS of that ebook. So, if you buy Drawing out the Dragons, you can read it on ANY device, in ANY format you prefer.

Those of you who have already bought a version of any of these books from Coppervale won’t be left out, either. We’re going to set up a link where you’ll be able to download the zips for free. We’ll post more information about that after the holiday.

Sooner or later the market will evolve a single standard format – but until that happens, I want to make it as easy as possible for people to buy and read my books, now matter WHAT device they’re using to read them.

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Jul. 1st, 2011 07:18 pm (UTC)
That's the system we moved to at Candlemark & Gleam - like you, I prefer the look of PDFs, because they look exactly like the book designer intended. It's more of an issue with beautiful illustrated books like many of yours, but it's still nice to have that look for regular books. But reflowable text is also a good thing. So we bundle all our direct-sale eBooks into a zip with all the major formats - PDF, Mobi, and ePub. You bought the book; you should be able to read it how you choose.

Bravo to you for doing this!
Jul. 3rd, 2011 05:12 am (UTC)
That sounds like a really good solution. Is there a service you use, or someone specific you hire (specialized layout artist?) to get the files into the non-pdf formats?

We've got a book that's going to press Any Moment Now, and six months after it comes out in hardcopy, it's coming out in e-format as well... and since there are going to be largish numbers (comparatively) of international folks who want it, making sure it's in a format they can use is Important.
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