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The Coppervale Studio, being an old renovated church, is a very large creative space. Part of my overall goal was to have a place to work where you could, if stuck, pick up your project, move twenty feet in any direction, and end up in a completely new creative environment.

At night, I like to write in the big lecture hall, while a U2 concert is projected in front of me on a ten-foot screen; during monsoon season, I like to work on the second-story performance stage, because I can watch the storms roll in from a hundred miles away.

Still, the majority of my work is done in my private office, which was a library when I was a kid, and earlier than that, was the upper half of the original chapel.

It’s a nice space. It suits me. And as it has been recently cleaned in preparation for some new Necessary Mischief, I wanted to share it with all of you.

This is the view as you enter from the hallway:

And my art area:

My writing area, and project reference shelves:

The reading area:

And the new projects/design area.

You don’t HAVE to work in a creative space to do creative work… but it certainly HELPS.  ;)

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