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All Together Now

I went and looked at the photo archives, and while it hadn't occurred to me to take a photo of the art wall after finishing HERE, THERE BE DRAGONS, I've done it on completion of the art for all four successive books. Sometimes, I feel as if I haven't been as productive as I should have been in recent years - which is why documenting one's output in this way can be a valuable self-assessment tool. When you consider that not only is there another full wall of art (Book One) to show for in addition to these, but that there were also BOOKS written to accompany the art. And then when you take into account the comics stories I've done (adapting F. Paul Wilson's PELTS, "Roosterspur Bridge" for Tori Amos' COMIC BOOK TATTOO), the books I've done covers for and illustrated, the magazines I've done covers for, and the miscellaneous pieces I've done... it starts to look like a much more full half decade.


Feb. 1st, 2010 06:02 am (UTC)
Last night I dreamed that you'd opened a figurine/action figure/sculpted collectible store, sort of like McFarlane, but it was located out in the middle of nowhere, and I think there was a satellite branch in Pinetop. People were lined up like it was Disneyland. I didn't like some of the paints, but the sculpts were all amazing. I remember wondering why King Kong looked odd, but then I realized it was Donkey Kong, from the video game. You had a line of classic arcade figures. Also, a line of werewolf figures. Good job, dream version of you.

Also, good job on the wall, real version of you. It looks like the clips on each drawing are different colors. Is there some significance to this?