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Fall 2007 Signing & Speaking & Sketching Schedule
(We merged a couple of the European events into one trip, and added days/schools to November).

October 13-14 — F.A.C.T.S. Convention, Ghent, Belgium
October 20 — Southern California Booksellers Assoc. Authors Feast
October 25 — Barnes & Noble Chandler Fashion Square, Chandler AZ
November 1 — Tempe AZ School District
November 10-11 — Palm Springs Book Festival
November 14-16 — Arizona Library Association Conference/Chandler Schools


Prelim January 2008 SEARCH FOR THE RED DRAGON Book Tour

Jan 3- Crossroads Books for the launch event (AZ)
Jan 4- Changing Hands (AZ)
Jan 5- Mysterious Galaxy (SD)
Jan 6- Warwick ’s (SD)
Jan 7-9 Children’s Book World, Vroman’s, Whale of a Tale and/or San Marino (LA)
Jan 9-12 Kepler’s, Books Inc, Copperfield’s, Hicklebee’s (San Fran) (go home for wkend)
Jan 14-18 (the 14th is MLK holiday)- Powell’s, Children’s Place, Borders ( Portland )
Jan 18 or so- Jan 22nd or so- Third Place Books, University Bookstore and All For Kids, a B&N or a Borders ( Seattle )

More details/dates to follow!


Oct. 8th, 2007 01:21 am (UTC)
Vromans? Hmmm..... depending on day and time, that I can possibly do. Although if it's an evening, it'll be a godawful haul from Culver City to Pasadena. Heh. "It's an adventure!"

Looks like you're going to be beating a lot of bushes! As long as it's only the bushes that get beaten.

(Yeah, after a rather long week, I'm home again.)